Chicken breast with peppers

Chicken breast with peppers and a second meat dish that is prepared flouring and browning the chicken breasts in the pan to make them soft and tender. More »

Chicken in beer with onions and bacon

The chicken in beer with onions and bacon, and a delicious main course, prepared browning the chicken pieces with the spices, and then combining the onions and More »

Chicken cream

Chicken with cream and a second delicious dish prepared with mushrooms and chicken breast dipped in a delicate cream. Chicken with cream and a very simple dish More »

Chicken Fricassee

The chicken fricassee and a tasty main dish of white meat, easy and quick to prepare. The fricassee identifies a way of cooking meat, in particular the More »

Chicken with potatoes, mushrooms and onions

It 'a classic of the kitchen, the children are greedy and and a second plate that fits well for a formal dinner or for a family dinner: More »


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Meatballs with zucchini

Meatballs with zucchiniThe zucchini patties are vegetarian meatballs made from zucchini and ricotta are a tasty variation to traditional meatballs. The preparation is simple and fast so you pay for a drink, a snack or an appetizer. The zucchini balls are also an alternative and attractive to propose the vegetables to children.

Roll crepes with zucchini

Roll crepes with zucchiniThe roll crepes with zucchini and a rich and creamy first course. The crepes are rolled mo 'strudel enclosing a soft filling of grated zucchini and cheese Philadelphia. This original recipe, ideal to prepare for the holidays, is complemented by a delicious basil cream that goes well with the delicacy of zucchini.

Zucchini Stuffed Ligure

Zucchini Stuffed Ligure

The stuffed zucchini alla ligure, are part of those regional dishes very ancient, derived from the tradition, and then in common use in families, this recipe has been often imitated and varied, since each family, putting his reworked. For the filling of zucchini, they sometimes opted for cottage cheese or minced meat instead of tuna and anchovies, as well as spices or herbs were often different depending on the availability at the moment.

Mussels au gratin

Mussels au gratinThe mussels au gratin are a delicious seafood appetizer: it's mussels in their shells filled with a good stuffing made of bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese and parsley, seasoned cooking liquid from the mussels themselves! The mussels au gratin are very easy and very quick to prepare and are a recipe for a tasty dinner open seafood.

Tagliatelle mimosa

Tagliatelle mimosaThe mimosa noodles are noodles of fresh egg pasta dough prepared by adding the spinach which give the dough its characteristic green color and bring out the sauce made with fish balls. The juice is obtained by extracting very small meatballs from a compound of hake (or whiting), bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese and a pinch of saffron that will make the meatballs yellow as the flowers of mimosa.

Cabbage rolls

Cabbage rollsThe cabbage rolls are an appetizer or a main dish rich and tasty can be served during the cold season. The cabbage crisp surround a delicious filling: a risotto made with sausage and the heart of the cabbage itself. Rice and in fact one of the ingredients that traditionally accompanies the best cabbage, but these rolls can be filled in various ways.