Chicken breast with peppers

Chicken breast with peppers and a second meat dish that is prepared flouring and browning the chicken breasts in the pan to make them soft and tender. The chicken is then flavored More »

Chicken in beer with onions and bacon

The chicken in beer with onions and bacon, and a delicious main course, prepared browning the chicken pieces with the spices, and then combining the onions and bacon, and all the ingredients More »

Chicken cream

Chicken with cream and a second delicious dish prepared with mushrooms and chicken breast dipped in a delicate cream. Chicken with cream and a very simple dish to make that lends itself More »

Chicken Fricassee

The chicken fricassee and a tasty main dish of white meat, easy and quick to prepare. The fricassee identifies a way of cooking meat, in particular the white meat, which is stewed More »

Chicken with potatoes, mushrooms and onions

It 'a classic of the kitchen, the children are greedy and and a second plate that fits well for a formal dinner or for a family dinner: chicken with potatoes. The version More »


Torta Pasqualina

Torta PasqualinaPasqualina cake and a savory pie stuffed with herbs, cheese and eggs, wrapped in thin sheets of pasta: and the ideal to be enjoyed in the outings on Easter Monday (Easter Monday), as it can be prepared in previously, and can be eaten cold. The torta Pasqualina symbol and one of the dishes of Ligurian cuisine, and widely appreciated throughout Italy.



The omelet and a classic preparation of eggs simple but at the same time very tasty that can be further enriched with a variety of ingredients infinite. Needless to say, the omelette and preparation versatile because it can be eaten alone at the table or in a sandwich, or to make other preparations.

Sovracosce of crusted chicken

Sovracosce of crusted chickenThe sovracosce of crusted chicken is a main dish appetizing and tasty prepared on the barbecue. The fleshy sovracosce chicken in this recipe, before being cooked, are passed in un'impanatura aromatic flavor to the meat. Ingredients 2 cloves garlic, chopped Lemon zest 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 4 tablespoons Loaf or pancarrи 200 gr ground black pepper 1 tablespoon chopped parsley Chicken 4 sovracosce 3 tablespoons salt 1 teaspoon Preparation Grate the loaf.

Cherry jam

Cherry jamThe cherry jam and a classic in the world of preserves, loved by all, young and old alike for its sweet flavor and its pleasant taste. Like most of the jams, even the cherry jam and a simple recipe to make and well suited to the summer season, during which you can find the most delicious and juicy cherries.

Rustic pie with potatoes and onions

Rustic pie with potatoes and onionsRustic pie potatoes and a second course inviting and tasty, which can also be served as a main dish salad perhaps accompanied by light. Simple and genuine ingredients of the cake rustic potatoes and onions make this dish very tasty and is great to serve for a buffet or an aperitif. For a 26 cm cake tin 100 gr butter 2 medium onions, chopped chives 2 tablespoons grated nutmeg 1/2 teaspoon Fresh cream 250 ml 800 g potatoes, peeled Salt to taste White pepper to taste 3 eggs pasta brise '350 gr Preparation Prepare the pasta brise according to our recipe (see preparation here) wrap in plastic wrap and place in refrigerator for at least 40 minutes (you can also prepare it the night before).

Ragu ‘Bolognese

Ragu BologneseThe ragu 'bolognese and a famous condiment typical of Emilia Romagna, meat grinder, interpreted in various ways, especially for the choice of meat to use, which, in turn, affects the cooking time of the sauce' itself. There, among the many versions, one official recipe of Bolognese sauce, filed October 17, 1982 by the delegation of Bologna of the Italian Academy of Cuisine to the Chamber of Commerce of this city, which recommended that a cut of meat than fat called folder , located on the belly of the animal.

Peppers in oil

Peppers sott'olio The peppers preserved in oil are a very tasty and easy to make, in order to obtain an optimal risultatato must use fresh peppers and meaty and extra virgin quality. The peppers in oil are ideal to serve as a tasty appetizer or as an accompaniment to meat dishes. With the recipe for peppers in oil have the pleasure to bring to the table the colors and flavors of summer, even during the cold season.

Fig jam

Fig jamThe fig jam and preserves a classic to be prepared at the end of the summer when the figs come to full maturity. The jam of figs gives a sweet and delicate flavor to toast your breakfast in the morning, or the classic bread for children's snacks. The fig jam will also serve as an excellent accompaniment to cheese.

Quail eggs in the heart of bread