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Cooked chicken on the beer can

Cooked chicken on the beer canThe Beer Can Chicken and preparation of classic American Barbecue. It 'a chicken that is literally "sitting" on a half-full can of beer and cooked with a mode and devices other than those that here in Italy we associate the word "barbecue". Born from an idea which at the same time useful but also very scenic. Sara great amazement of friends get when they see a beautiful crispy chicken on the table, "sitting" on a can. Starting from the fundamental assumption that the fire and then the barbecue provides a very dry heat which tends to dry foods in the practice of barbecue, you find a way to provide moisture to the food being cooked. Specifically, chicken, cooking ideal represented by a crispy skin and a very moist and juicy meat inside. Often, however, in order to obtain the crisp skin, it is necessary to continue cooking with the consequence of causing drying of the pulp inside as a result of the evaporation of a large quantity of liquids. The Beer Can Chicken and the perfect device to get a perfect mark: The beer in this can evaporate, will keep the chicken moist inside while the dry heat of the grill, along with some gimmick, will allow the skin to become very crispy. for chicken apple vinegar to sprinkle to taste butter for brushing chicken to taste 1 of about 1 kg for the rub garlic powder 2 tsp Onion powder 2 teaspoons oregano 1 teaspoon sweet paprika 2 tablespoons cayenne pepper 2 teaspoons salt 2 tablespoons brown sugar 2 tablespoons infiltration broth 1/2 liter 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce to taste beer cans to fill half 1 sprig rosemary Preparation course is part of the Rub: there are many versions but in this case it was used a variant of the Cajun Rub which was added cane sugar and omitted the thyme and white pepper. This is to "soften" the pungent aromas of sweet adding that mitigates the intensity. We combine the ingredients in a mortar (1) and mash until well blended powder. (2). To adhere well to the rub on the chicken, it Brush the surface of the skin with melted butter. When well-brushed, sprinkle the chicken with the rub "rubbing" uniformly (3). And 'well enter the rub inside the cavity top and bottom of the chicken (4). INCREASING HUMIDITY 'INTERNAL As mentioned, the barbecue provides a dry heat that tends to dry the fabric (you know the texture of cooked chicken breast rotisserie?). To avoid this massive dispersion can act on two key components. The first and to decrease the firing temperature and the second and that of "increase" the amount of liquid present in meat. To increase the liquids inside and need to prepare a flavored liquid to be injected into the chest of sovracosce and thighs. Typically, you use chicken broth flavored with salt and Worcestershire sauce (5) (can be easily found at the grocery store and has a very particular flavor). To inject (6) and consider using a syringe for food that has the biggest and nozzles that allow solid microparticles to pass. You load the syringe with the broth flavored, insert the syringe and injects depth while at the same time removing the syringe with a slow movement. This movement allows a better diffusion of the liquid inside. During the injection will be seen inflate the tissues, a correct index of infiltration of liquids. E 'can also infiltrate a pint of liquid for a chicken 1 kg. A large part will be lost anyway but you will have as a result a very moist and juicy meat. THE CANS When will our chicken was seasoned with the rub and injected with liquid flavoring, will have to be placed on the container by inserting it in the lower cavity of the chicken. To put it in balance, we will block the wings in place behind his back putting on his thighs. The can has always given rise to perplexity due to the possibility that the epoxy resins which are coated, can release harmful substances to the chicken. Many studies, unofficial claim that resins having melting temperatures above 800 °, can not release harmful substances at normal cooking temperatures. Many others say it is. U.S. producers are certainly not left out on this diatribe and invented the stainless steel supports that can be filled with beer or other liquids, in order to provide support for the Beer Can Chicken absolutely safe and out of any reasonable doubt (7 -8-9). Once prepared and powdered rub, without infiltration and placed the chicken on the can (10-11), we leave it to cook for half an hour. In the meantime, you start turning on the barbecue. In this case we used a type of barbecue called "Kettle". The kettle grill is NOT a brand but a type of barbecues (whose proper name and grill and barbecue). For more insights into the kettle, watch the recipe for smoked chicken wings. COOKING BCC Once lit the coals, close the lid and it affects the air intakes to stabilize the temperature. Reached the desired temperature, you can start cooking the Beer Can Chicken. First laid the chips directly on the coals through a window on the grid of the food. It raises the window and through a spring or "clamp" for barbecue facing the chips to burn (12). Will need to enter a minimal amount of chips, all those who come into a hand so to speak. You close the lid again and expects the aromatic wood chips begin to produce smoke. Only after the production of smoke, there is the support with the chicken, closing the cover and stabilizes the temperature around 140 ° C – 160 ° C by acting on the adjusting rings air and lets go in cooking. At these temperatures the chicken will cook in two hours and a half or three hours at most. The advantage of the low temperature will be to ensure the meat very moist and juicy. The chips will burn for about 20 minutes, after which you will proceed to a new addition. This amount will be enough to smoke chicken without devastate the flavor. When the time you smoke will proceed to wet the surface of the chicken with apple vinegar, possibly with a vaporizer (14) (a brush will go well). This procedure serves as a bland "solvent" in which the phenolic substances resulting from combusione wood will melt and fall on the basis of support. This will allow to have an aroma of smoked much softer as "lavera by" unpleasant aroma substances contained in smoke. The vinegar will not be noticeable except for a minimal increase in acidity (among other highly recommended in these preparations) of the outer crust. WHEN WILL 'COTTO Sara will be cooked when cooked. This is what an American would say. It is understood that the cooking and subordinate to the fact that they were good at stabilizing the temperature in a constant way. And 'well known, however, that when using the coal (especially if you do not use briquettes compressed) swings in temperature are very frequent: Coal as you go off and the temperature goes down and then up again at once, maybe even above the limit, when there is refilling. Even the frequent opening of the cover, perhaps to snoop on the cooking of food, causes killing temperature. In this case, the Americans said they use a lot of fun: "If you are looking, you are not cooking" (if you're watching you're not cooking). In short, the temperature significantly altered the cooking time. The use of a thermometer probe makes it easier. When the chicken reaches a temperature of 82 ° C at the core, means and cooked to perfection. The thermometers are very cheap and certainly are an invaluable tool. Once cooked, the chicken is served on the table directly on the can. Show it to your table will be a fun time that will provide food for interesting conversation. A quick side dish can be made with potatoes cooked directly in the ashes (15). Are wrapped in aluminum, are laid directly on the coals and forget. Will certainly be cooked along with the chicken. The Beer Can Chicken and almost always the first preparation for those who come to this new and exciting style of cooking.