Chicken breast with peppers

Chicken breast with peppers and a second meat dish that is prepared flouring and browning the chicken breasts in the pan to make them soft and tender. More »

Chicken in beer with onions and bacon

The chicken in beer with onions and bacon, and a delicious main course, prepared browning the chicken pieces with the spices, and then combining the onions and More »

Chicken cream

Chicken with cream and a second delicious dish prepared with mushrooms and chicken breast dipped in a delicate cream. Chicken with cream and a very simple dish More »

Chicken Fricassee

The chicken fricassee and a tasty main dish of white meat, easy and quick to prepare. The fricassee identifies a way of cooking meat, in particular the More »

Chicken with potatoes, mushrooms and onions

It 'a classic of the kitchen, the children are greedy and and a second plate that fits well for a formal dinner or for a family dinner: More »


Chickpea flour

Chickpea flourThe chickpea flour and specialties typical of Liguria, particularly the city of Genoa, where he was invented about 2,000 years ago. Porridge and a very low pie made with very simple ingredients and poor: chickpea flour, water, salt and oil. With regard to the origins of this surrogate bread, we must go back a long way, even to the time of the Greeks and Romans, when the soldiers used to prepare a "concoction" of chickpea flour and water that were then bake in the sun or on his shield, to feed quickly and cheaply. The result was so nutritious recipe that survived the fall of the Roman Empire coming straight right to the Middle Ages when it was eaten together with chopped onions soaked in vinegar, or fresh cheese. Just linked to this period and the legend which tells that the porridge, as we know it today, was born in 1284, for a pure randomness, when Genoa defeated Pisa in the battle of Meloria. Upon returning from battle, the Genoese ships found themselves involved in a storm and a few barrels of oil and chickpea flour were overturned by bathing in salt water. Because of the scarcity of provisions, was recovered everything possible and the sailors were served the mixture of chickpeas and oil in an attempt to make it less unpleasant, it was left to dry in the sun resulting in a kind of pancake. Once in the ground, the Genoese, they decided to improve the recipe for this impromptu pancake and cook the puree that was obtained in the oven. The result was so good to scorn the vanquished, was called the gold of Pisa. In the fifteenth century a decree, issued in Genoa, he governed the production, then called "scripilita." Very special were the locals called "Sciamadde," in which you could enjoy this specialty together with a typical meal and a good glass of wine. Sciamadde of the regular customers were especially artists and writers, among which Fabrizio de Andre, who loved to attend these inns. Ingredients 900 ml water Chickpea flour 300 gr Extra virgin olive oil 1/2 cup Salt to taste Pepper to sprinkle a baking dish with a diameter of 40 cm Extra virgin olive oil 1/2 cup of porridge Prepare the ingredients are few and simple: flour chickpeas, olive oil, salt and water (1). Put in a bowl the flour in the classic form of a fountain in the center and pour a little at a time, the water (2). Mix everything well, making sure the lumps (3) to obtain a homogeneous liquid mixture and (4), which let it rest, stirring from time to time from 4-5 hours, up to 10 hours, covered with a lid and outside the refrigerator (5). After the required time, and likely will be formed of foam on the surface, remove it with a slotted spoon. Add to the mix the salt and half a cup of olive oil (6), pour the remaining oil in a non-stick pan (the tradition provides for copper or aluminum), covering the entire bottom (7-8). Pour into the pan (10) the mixture of chickpeas that you will cook in a preheated oven at 220 degrees for about half an hour until the porridge is not a nice golden color; later, turn off the oven and turn on the grill until the surface of the porridge is not a nice brown color (about 15 minutes). When it's cooked, baked gruel (11), sprinkle with salt and pepper (12), cut into squares and serve while still hot even with a bell'accompagnamento vegetables or flavored with chopped rosemary and olive oil.