Chicken breast with peppers

Chicken breast with peppers and a second meat dish that is prepared flouring and browning the chicken breasts in the pan to make them soft and tender. The chicken is then flavored More »

Chicken in beer with onions and bacon

The chicken in beer with onions and bacon, and a delicious main course, prepared browning the chicken pieces with the spices, and then combining the onions and bacon, and all the ingredients More »

Chicken cream

Chicken with cream and a second delicious dish prepared with mushrooms and chicken breast dipped in a delicate cream. Chicken with cream and a very simple dish to make that lends itself More »

Chicken Fricassee

The chicken fricassee and a tasty main dish of white meat, easy and quick to prepare. The fricassee identifies a way of cooking meat, in particular the white meat, which is stewed More »

Chicken with potatoes, mushrooms and onions

It 'a classic of the kitchen, the children are greedy and and a second plate that fits well for a formal dinner or for a family dinner: chicken with potatoes. The version More »


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Peppers in oil

Peppers sott'olio The peppers preserved in oil are a very tasty and easy to make, in order to obtain an optimal risultatato must use fresh peppers and meaty and extra virgin quality. The peppers in oil are ideal to serve as a tasty appetizer or as an accompaniment to meat dishes. With the recipe for peppers in oil have the pleasure to bring to the table the colors and flavors of summer, even during the cold season.

Peaches in syrup

Peaches in syrupThe peaches are a great classic to be enjoyed in all their fragrance, to match the ice cream, the chocolate cream but also the panna cotta, perhaps with the amaretti next. Easy to implement, are a great snack or snack, a superb ingredient for sweet or dessert, to be implemented in both summer and winter.

Peeled tomatoes

PeeledThe tomatoes are a classic preserves. A handy pantry and very genuine, peeled tomatoes do not require much preparation time and are simple to make, just do just a little 'attention to conservation. The tomatoes are used in many recipes, but they're also good for a simple tomato and basil sauce.

Sun-dried tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes packed in oilThe sun-dried tomatoes are a preserve popular in Calabria and Puglia. The preparation of dried tomatoes in oil is slow in drying in the sun or in the oven, the tomato loses its water and slowly acquires a flavor. The sun-dried tomatoes are preparing for the end of summer and you can enjoy throughout the winter.

Tuna in oil

Tuna packed in'olio Tuna in olive oil and preserves made with fresh tuna, which can be used as appropriate for a season or cold pasta un'insalatona. The tuna in oil and easy to prepare at home but you have to have the patience to wait at least a month before eating, so that the tuna marinate well with the oil and spices.

Pomegranate jelly

Pomegranate jellyThe pomegranate jelly and preserves a ruby red color and sweet, intense and slightly acidic. The pomegranate jelly is prepared using only the juice of this fruit, which ripens in autumn. The pomegranate jelly and a recipe unusual and very easy to prepare, and great spread on bread or toast and will make your breakfast a very pleasant time.

Marinated garlic

Marinated garlic

Garlic marinated, in addition to being a preserve, so prepared, it is more digestible and has a more delicate flavor, almost almond. And 'suitable to be enjoyed in all preparations in which no aggiungevate garlic because was too heavy, and also seasoned with capers, oregano, pepper and olive oil is excellent as an aperitif even to tease!

Aubergines in oil

Eggplant sott'olioAubergines in oil are a preserve just can not miss on a beautiful rustic table southern! Implementation of eggplant in oil and very simple and inexpensive. Letting them cook for a month can enjoy the eggplant in olive oil as an appetizer or to accompany the rustic croutons. The eggplant in oil have a strong flavor, a very tasty way to start a traditional meal.