Chicken breast with peppers

Chicken breast with peppers and a second meat dish that is prepared flouring and browning the chicken breasts in the pan to make them soft and tender. More »

Chicken in beer with onions and bacon

The chicken in beer with onions and bacon, and a delicious main course, prepared browning the chicken pieces with the spices, and then combining the onions and More »

Chicken cream

Chicken with cream and a second delicious dish prepared with mushrooms and chicken breast dipped in a delicate cream. Chicken with cream and a very simple dish More »

Chicken Fricassee

The chicken fricassee and a tasty main dish of white meat, easy and quick to prepare. The fricassee identifies a way of cooking meat, in particular the More »

Chicken with potatoes, mushrooms and onions

It 'a classic of the kitchen, the children are greedy and and a second plate that fits well for a formal dinner or for a family dinner: More »


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Tigelle raw and growth

Tigelle raw and growthTigelle are typical muffins Modena, also called crescentine (due to the dough that grows as a result of yeast) prepared with lard and let it rise before being baked in the tigelliera, a metal mold double that closes like a book is placed on the fire. Tigelle with ham and growth are one of the many ways in which these muffins are stuffed, usually filled with cheeses, meats or vegetables tigelle can be enjoyed to the same extent as a sandwich, when you want to eat something different, tasty and filling.

Fried chicken wings

Fried chicken wingsAnd will ever eat chicken wings fried in some fast-food restaurant or pub and you've always wondered how to achieve them in the house? Here's a quick and easy recipe to prepare the chicken wings fried in your kitchen, thus creating a second delicious dish and very tasty! As well as a main dish, fried chicken wings are perfect to serve at a dinner cheerful and casual friends, good for snacking comfy on the couch with friends, maybe while watching a movie or a game.


DonutsThe donuts are delicious fritters, swollen and soft that you can not resist. Prepare everywhere, usually the donuts are sold by peddlers nice on the beaches of Italy! To prepare the donuts you have to make a yeast dough flavored with lemon peel, cut into discs of dough, let them rise another hour and then fry in hot vegetable oil.

Fried anchovies marinated

Fried anchovies marinated

Fried anchovies are marinated in a simple appetizer but equally appetizing: the anchovies are prepared by opening a book, infarinandole frying and then leave to marinate overnight in a mixture of vinegar, white wine, red pepper, onion and garlic. Marinated anchovies are a dish for those who love the sour taste of the vinegar and the simplicity of the delicate meat of anchovies.

Crepes with Shrimp

Crepes with ShrimpThe crepes with shrimp are a dish delicious and very delicate. The filling contained in a soft cream and crepes prepared with shrimp and enriched with cream and mascarpone melts that give it a unique taste and texture. for 12 crepes with a diameter of 20 cm 40 gr butter 250 gr flour 500 ml fresh whole milk 1 pinch salt 3 eggs for cream of shrimp 2 cloves garlic 1 cup Brandy Butter 40 gr peeled shrimps 500 g Mascarpone 250 g olive oil 2 tablespoons 200 ml liquid cream ground pepper to taste 1 tablespoon tomato concentrate 2 tablespoons chopped parsley Salt to taste Preparation First prepare the batter that you'll need for the crepes: whisk the eggs with the milk (1-2), and pour the mixture into a bowl with the flour (3) and a pinch of salt.

Strawberry jam

Strawberry jamThe strawberry jam and preserves certainly one of the most appreciated. and really good to form tarts or as a spread on bread or toast: like children and adults and is a real treat if you're lucky enough to find but not too ripe red strawberries and tasty. Even better then, if the jam is prepared with strawberries that grow in your garden or if you are in a forest!